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Welcome to Finwin Homes, your gateway to exceptional real estate opportunities in the Sri Lanka. Explore a curated collection of premium properties meticulously handpicked by Finwin Realtors. Discover luxurious residences, investment-worthy commercial spaces, and exquisite vacation getaways. With our expertise and dedication, we turn your property aspirations into reality. Your dream property awaits – start your journey with Finwin Homes today.

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Welcome to Finwin Homes Sri Lanka, where we make your real estate dreams come true. As a trusted real estate company operating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE),  United States and the Sri Lanka, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between sellers and buyers, creating seamless transactions and unforgettable experiences.

At Finwin Homes Sri Lanka, we are proud to be a part of the prestigious Finwin Group, renowned for its expertise and strong presence in the UAE and Sri Lanka. With our vast knowledge and international experience, we bring a world of possibilities to the real estate market. Our unwavering commitment to integrity, professionalism, and transparency ensures that you receive exceptional care and attention throughout your real estate journey.

Why Sri Lanka?

Finwin Homes Sri Lanka aims to cater to investors, homebuyers, and individuals seeking an extraordinary living experience in one of the most vibrant and attractive real estate markets in the world.
01  Breathtaking Locations and Scenic Diversity
Explore a range of stunning properties nestled within Sri Lanka’s diverse landscapes, from lush hills to pristine beaches.
02  Cultural Heritage and Iconic Landmarks
Immerse yourself in Sri Lanka’s rich history by owning real estate near iconic sites like Sigiriya Rock and ancient temples.
03  Emerging Investment Destination
Capitalize on Sri Lanka’s growing economy and real estate market, offering promising opportunities for high returns on investment.
04  Investor-Friendly Policies and Incentives
Benefit from favorable property investment regulations and government incentivess and profitable experience.

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Frinwin Homes Sri Lanka

Finwin Homes Sri Lanka aims to cater to investors, homebuyers, and individuals seeking an extraordinary living experience in one of the most vibrant and attractive real estate markets in the world.


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With expertise and unparalleled knowledge of the US realty market, the Finwin Homes Team combines a truly innovative approach to buying and selling real estate with the work ethic and attention to detail expected from those who are accustomed to only the highest-quality service.


Faroon Hamim

An Award Winning Banker & Visionary Corporate Leader With 15+ Years Of Experience In Driving Businesses From Ground Level Up & Guiding Them Towards Success in UAE.

Gawtham Palanivel

Experienced real estate agent providing expert guidance and exceptional service in the USA market. Dedicated to client satisfaction, market knowledge, and successful transactions. Trust Gawtham for all your real estate needs.
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Yuzraan Lantra

An experienced content creator and Digital Nomad with almost a decades years of experience in the Creative & Communication Industry having led many top agencies and worked for top clients in South-East Asia.

Thomas P Smith

Devoted real estate professional exceeding expectations. Native Staten Islander with expertise in buying and selling properties in New York and New Jersey. Trust Thomas for a smooth real estate experience.

Sal Criscuolo

Sal Criscuolo has been in the mortgage industry nearly 25 years. His patience and knowledge have helped thousands of Homebuyers realize the American Dream.

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Finwin Homes made buying my dream property a breeze. Their expertise and support were exceptional.

Hector Diaz

I’m impressed by Finwin Homes’ industry knowledge. They guided me to an incredible investment opportunity.

John Cullen

Thanks to Finwin Homes, I found the perfect property that exceeded my expectations. Their service was outstanding.

Sam Perth

Finwin Homes’ experienced agents provided invaluable guidance, helping me secure a profitable investment property.

Aaron Downley

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